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There’s more: Part 1

Voyage Clothing photo shoot

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Fangirl Challenge - [3/10] Female Characters: Kensi Blye

"I’m not angry. In fact, I could slit your jugular vein 11 different ways from where I’m sitting and wouldn’t lose my temper."

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Friendly reminder that Jemma Simmons is not obligated to return Leo Fitz’s feelings.


With season two coming to us soon, just though I’d put this out there.

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okay Nintendo but consider this: i don’t have money

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AU: When Thor bring Jane to Asgard, she meets Sif - The Goddess of War, who  soon steals Janes heart in an unexpected though not unwanted manner. Leaving Jane to spend her life with an Asgardian, though not with one she had originally planned to.

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get to know me meme: [4/5] female characters » hermione granger, harry potter

↳ I hope you’re pleased with yourselves.  We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled.

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miranda lawson: [spends 2 years directing a project to resurrect you]
miranda lawson: [personally oversees and assists in a large portion of the work done on your corpse]
miranda lawson: [saves you from being killed AGAIN when the lab is attacked, prioritising your safety over her own]
miranda lawson: [can't really be bothered to be your BFF right now after being shot at on your behalf all day, but only for about 20 minutes]
miranda lawson: [is perfectly pleasant once youre on the normandy and everything is settled down]
fandom: omfg what a colossal bitch
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